Melitta EcoClean Descaler 414 ml


Looking to clean your coffee machine, as good as a chemical-based cleaner but not harmful to you or the environment?

A naturally cleaned coffee machine produces better tasting coffee.

Melitta Eco-Clean descaler contains naturally-derived, powerful ingredients to ensure your coffee tastes great for years to come!

  • Non-toxic, biodegradable and phosphate free
  • The formula does not carry a corrosive classification
  • The eco-friendly citric acid formula as the primary active ingredient, no harsh vinegar smell
  • The bottle is 100% recyclable HDPE, induction sealed, and includes a child-resistant cap
  • Includes a proprietary ingredient effective at neutralizing mould and bacteria
  • Helps extend the life of all coffee machines, K-Cup machines, espresso and drip machines.
  • Type: coffeemaker cleaner.

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